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Small 3 tube tensegrity wind chime       $36.50

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  small 5 tube tchime



Small 5 tube pentatonic wind chime.      $54.50  





Medium 3


Tensegrity Wind Chime Sculptures


First new wind chime design in more than 2000 years.

Tchimes are tied apart into a unique rigid tensegrity structure.  Soft melodic sound is what you will always hear regardless of the wind conditions. The tubes can not clank against each other. The striker ball can slide up and down the string to adjust the sound from silent to full volume. These may be the most beautiful sounding wind chimes you will ever hear.

TChime Wind Chime Sculptures are available in 3 note and 5 note configurations.

The 3 note chimes are tuned to the notes E G A in octaves 4, 5 and 6 for large, medium and small.

The 5 note chimes are tuned in a pentatonic scale with the notes E G# A# B C# in the octaves 4, 5 and 6 for large , medium and small.

Any custom frequency  with in the range of the tubes can be produced for you.

The resonators are made from thick wall aluminum alloy tube. The small chimes are made from inch diameter - 9 inches long tubes. The medium chimes are made from 1 inch diameter tubes -18inches long. The large chimes are made from 1 inch diameter tubes 34 inches long.

Beautiful Sound

Soft pleasing tones in any wind. Premium thick wall aluminum tubes provide for long sustained sound. Because the tubes are tied apart they can never clank against each other.

 Robust Design

Tubes are tied apart as a  tensegrity structure. The structure moves as a whole unit. The cable is high strength woven Dacron with UV inhibitors.

Adjustable Striker

The striker ball slides up and down to vary the sound from silent to full volume and optimize the performance of the ball in various wind conditions.

Unconditional Guarantee

Tchimes are guaranteed for one year. If your chimes fail for any reason we will repair or replace them.


US Patent 8,106,277 B2

For more information please contact us at:

(707) 588-9785


 Medium 3 tube  tensegrity wind chime   $89.50

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medium 5


Medium 5 tube pentatonic wind chime $148.00





large 3





Large 3 tube tensegrity wind chime $198.00



 large 5




Large 5 tube Pentatonic wind chime $280.00