Large 5 Tube Pentatonic Wind Chime: $280.00


This is the largest wind chime we produce. It has a deep soothing sound.

The resonators are made from thick wall aluminum alloy tubes 1 inch diameter, 34 inches long.  The Length from the hanging ring to the bottom of the sail is 60 inches. The 5 chimes are tuned in a pentatonic scale with the notes E G# A# B C# in the 4th octave.

TChimes are tied apart into a unique rigid tensegrity structure with high strength Dacron cord with UV inhibitors.  Soft melodic sound is what you will always hear regardless of the wind conditions. The tubes can not clank against each other. The striker ball can slide up and down the string to adjust the sound from silent to full volume. These may be the most beautiful sounding wind chimes you will ever hear.


Unconditional Guarantee

TChimes are guaranteed for one year. If your TChimes fail for any reason we will repair or replace them.

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